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Exhaust Gaskets

exhaust gaskets

Another great product from Armen Brown at Best gasket Inc,. These 426 Hemi exhaust gaskets are the only “correct” units available on the marketplace. They fit original Chrysler , Mopar performance , Stage five engineering , Indy legend and many other 426 Hemi heads with standard exhaust ports. They work with headers or factory manifolds . Will not work on raised port heads . It bothered me for 2 decades why no company had their act together with regard to Hemi exhaust gaskets , go figure , regardless , Best Gasket Inc,. delivers ! 1 Pair , $ 42.00

Head Gaskets

head gaskets

Arruzza High Performance is the exclusive outlet for Gaskets from Best Gasket Inc,. Armen Brown is an old world artisan . His Gaskets truly are “Best Gaskets” . Intense research and development resulted in the finest Head gaskets I have ever bolted under a hemi head. These head gaskets are for bore sizes of 4.250 ( standard bore ) to 4.320 ( .070 over ) . They feature exclusive fire rings which are correct hardness for proper crush under Hemi heads torqued to the proper 70 Foot pounds . Also they utilize silicone beads around every water and oil hole and headbolt holes under oil pressure. You can feel how nicely these are designed and constructed whn you use your torque wrench. 1 pair $ 150.00

Hemi Head Bolt Kit

head bolt kit

Arruzza High Performance 426 Hemi head bolt kit . Truly a comprehensive kit . The 8 inner studs are from Dormann , made in the USA ! The 12 point nuts and Hardened washers are from ARP , Made in the USA ! And the headbolts are correct 100 % for this application , Some aftermarket headbolts are WAY too hard and thus they don’t stretch like they are supposed to causing a multitude of problems . A correct Hemi headbolt must stretch a determined ammount at 70 FT. Pounds of torque to be effective , these will do that job correctly. Bolts also made in the USA ! Engine kit $ 200.00

Hemi Intake Gaskets

intake gasket

426 Hemi intake gaskets from Best Gasket Inc,. Proper material , All the right details . Another fine product made in the USA , once you use Best Gaskets you’ll understand why the others available are a compromise ! 1 pair $ 39.00

Hemi Rocker Stands

rocker stands

Billet Aluminum 426 Hemi rocker stands , Very high quality , made in the USA ! True direct replacement for a factory 426 HEMI , Hardware is grade 8 . $ 420.00 per complete set of 10 stands with shaft bolts and washers as per photo

426 Hemi Rockershafts

hemi rockershafts

Set of 4 shafts, two intake , two exhaust. Very High quality shafts made in USA. Hard chrome finish , correct oil hole and oil groove locations . End plugs come already installed , the wall thickness is exactly the same as the old Keith Black shafts sold by Mopar performance , these are better because they are affordable. Set of 4 shafts $ 395.00

Hemi Adjuster Sqrews

Hemi Adjuster Sqrews

Hemi Adjuster Sqrews with ARP 12 point locknuts. From Smith Brothers , extreme duty crafted from tool steel. If you want to sleep at night , throw away your M/P adjusters , Chrysler had Crane make adjusters for years and they always give it up. Like a litle ticking time bomb , waiting, ready to ruin your engine. These adjusters have proven to be indestructable , The same quality as the top fuel cars are running. Arruzza HP price $ 149.00

Ross Hemi Pistons


Ross_PistonsRoss Custom Hemi pistons, I only use Ross and only sell Ross . Herb McCandless was irreplacable in helping me build what we termed a “perfect” hemi piston profile. We took a 13.5 to one TRW Hemi slug and machined the dome to perfectly reflect a Stage Five Engineering combustion chamber and machined beautiful tulip style valve relief pockets . Once we had this piston I sent it to Ross and had custom cutters and tooling manufactured to duplicate the dome radius and valve reliefs. All my Ross pistons have these advanced profiles built into them.

The pistons seen in the photo are my 517 package pistons. I order all my Ross pistons with double pin oilers , double spiro locks , tool steel pins , etc,. I can order you any custom piston you may require. Ross made me pistons for the A279 Ball stud Hemi and the A148 NASCAR tall port Hemi. They can make a piston for any Hemi combination you may have. I have never had a single issue with any Ross product . Price upon request.


426 HEMI black wrinkle finish valvecovers. Different than any others on the market. There has been a problem with tin covers on a Hemi since 1964 ! If you use big springs or 10 degree locks and retainers you run into a clearance issue. The springs and retainers want to hit the valvecovers , especially on the exhaust side.

Now from Arruzza HP 66-69 valvecovers that look very very stock but have extra cleance built into them. No more beating up the covers for clearance ! These covers are made for Fel-pro # 1629 extreme duty gaskets. now also available in chrome, same price ! $ 426.00
* 70/71 black wrinkle with install kit $ 445.00

Sparkplug Tube O-Rings


Arruzza HP Hemi sparkplug tube O-rings. Totally correct. Everything available for the last 20 years has been wrong. Finally we have correct O-rings. An Arruzza HP exclusive. See photo and compare right from wrong. The seals Mother Mopar sells are way too big I.D. and O.D. and seal diameter, making removing and installing the tubes a pain. Set $ 35.00

Billet Timing Set

timing set

Rollmaster billet timing chain and gear set. Finally back in limited production ! Made in Australia , induction hardened crank gear with 9 keyways , billet top gear with torrington bearing and the “magic” rollmaster exclusive industrial chain. The chain is NOT an automotive chain , it’s an industrial chain over 3 times as strong and wear resistant ! When only the best will do…. $ 199.00

Stage Five Intake



Stage Five Engineering intake manifold. Very nice dual quad intake. Never fails to make Horsepower . For a mild street Hemi twin 600 Holley carbs work exceptionally well , for street / strip applications , twin 750 Holley or Carter carbs are the ticket. The intakes I use and sell are ¼ inch lower than anywhere else on the marketplace because I was firm in my desire to get the same hood clearance as the factory street hemi dual quad setup. So , an intake from Arruzza High performance is different than available anywhere else . Superior quality , as expected from Stage Five $ 549.00

Carter Quads

Arruzza HP custom built 750 Carter Quads. Totally set-up , jetted and ready to make some power. These are chokeless , built as matched pairs , modified linkage arms. 100 % new parts. Built to be run tied together for crisp throttle response and excellent fuel distribution. See my linkage available for these Carbs. These twin 750’s will bolt on your factory street Hemi intake ( Vanke modified ) or the Stage Five Engineering intake or the KB Marine intake. Note , If you have a street hemi intake it must be opened up Vanke style or the butterflys on these Quads are too big to open.
$ 1100.00 for a Pair , * 650 AVS carbs $ 100 extra.

Carb Linkage

carb linkage

Arruzza HP carb linkage . Available in 2 styles, for a steet hemi 2 X 4 set-up or a Stage five in-line style which is the same as the Marine intake which is for twin in-line Holley carbs. Both linkage kits are made from Blower linkage parts of superior quality with custom length aluminum hex shafts. Either style priced at $ 135.00

Valve Seals

valve seals

Arruzza High Performance exclusive extreme heat Viton valveseals , Had to have these manufactured . I was sick and tired of teflon seals “giving it up “ way before their time. These seals are made in Japan By a Company which makes seals for Honda , Toyota and Subaru . The lifetime expectation on these seals is a minimum of 250,000 miles with 300,000 not unheard of. I have used these for 5 years now and they have worked out excellent !
set of 16 seals $ 100.00

Conversion Engine Mounts

I have been making these conversion mounts for 20 years.Taken from the original National Hemi owners association “ mickey mouse mount” which was drivers side only, My mounts have been updated numerous times over the years. Put a 426 Hemi on a wedge K-frame. Works on 1966 to 1971 B and E body cars. The drivers side bracket is solid, no vibration because the right side mount and transmission mount are insulated, It’s like having a torque strap. You get everything you need ( see photos ) except you’ll need a right side 440 insulator like any 1970 ish 440 .Simple, effective and you save money, no Hemi K-frame to find and purchase. The drivers side bracket parts are cut out on a water jet laser and very heavy duty, best factor to consider, these brackets put King Kong exactly where the factory did, no weird clearance issues, very important for air grabber and shaker hood cars. Priced at $ 299.00

Stage Five Hemi Rockerarms

"Call John for Availability and Current Pricing"

Stage Five Hemi Heads

- Replacement Heads, Look Bone Stock

- Race Hemi Heads, Big Valves or Stock Valves, Raised or Stock Exhaust Ports

- Conversion Heads, Put Hemi Heads on a Wedge Block !

All Stage Five Products Are The Industry Standard For Quality And Refinement

Arruzza High Performance can Port, Polish and Flow your Heads.
ALL the heads we do, get multi angle valve profiling and custom grinding.

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