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Classic Hemi Package


This package has been our industry “gold standard” 426 Hemi for 15 years now. 511 Cubic inchs.

Arruzza High Performance was the first to offer a 4.5 inch “stroker” for street use as a base combination. Many hours of Dyno testing and actual street and track testing confirms without doubt the 426 Hemi is perfected with the long arm.

Over the years I have built just about every combination 426 Hemi conceivable. 396 Cubic inch and 404 Cubic inch NASCAR style destrokers , 3.75 stock stroke engines with every bore size and compression ratio. Common 60’s ¼ inch strokers , Chryslers 4.150 arrangements and I know the 4.5 inch is the magic combination.

My 511 CID Classic package comes complete. Dual carbs to the pan. Included are twin 650 AVS carbs with custom linkage , throttle cable bracket , a “worked” distributor and Taylor 8 MM wires.

hemiStandard on the Classic 511 Hemi is Stage Five Engineering aluminum cylinder heads , Aluminum Dual quad intake manifold , Ross custom forged pistons with tool steel pins and double spiro locks .Forged 7.100 H beam rods and a 4340 Forged steel 4.5 inch stroker crankshaft with severe duty full radius journals and a true Hemi 8 bolt flange and a pilot bushing installed so 4 speed set up is a snap.

Rated at a true 625 Horsepower on pump gas with an Arruzza HP custom Engle Hydraulic camshaft . The compression ratio is 10.4 to one.

All my Hemi engines get all and only the finest parts available . Many parts are Arruzza High Performance exclusives such as our own Extreme duty Viton valveseals , good for about 250,000 miles.

My head , intake and exhaust gaskets are manufactured by Best Gasket exclusivly for Arruzza HP. Every single component is the result of knowledge gained in building well over 500 426 Hemi engines and using and testing just about every piece ever manufactured for the 426 Hemi.

All machine work is done “in house”. One major consideration in deciding who to get a Hemi from is “who actually built it” Employees ? Subcontractors ? Are you going to pay for a “famous name” and then realize 17 year old rookies did most of the work?

If you get an engine from Arruzza High Performance then without question John Arruzza built your engine , every machining operation , every hour of blueprint work , every single task from file fitting the rings to final tuning on the test stand.

Herb McCandless taught me that as being the only way to consistantly assure the best quality product . If you bought a Dana 60 From McCandless Performance , Herb built your Dana . I generally build about 35 Hemi engines a year . I could build many more but surely quality would be difficult to maintain.

My 511 is “top shelf” to be sure , the Best combination , The Best parts, the Best machine and blueprint work , and the best customer service by far. The Arruzza HP Classic 511 Hemi is still priced to make the competition mad and my customers Happy

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Arruzza High Performance
119 Cardinal Crest Court, Pittsboro NC 27312
John Arruzza - 919-475-1840
Arruzza High Performance